What is Reflective Practice?/Essential Theory 1

What is Reflective Practice?

Essential Theory 1

Boyer and the Scholarship of Teaching

(Workshop Leader will highlight main points)

Boyer, E. (1990) Scholarship reconsidered: Priorities of the professoriate. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Princeton University Press, distinguished between four types of scholarship

  • Scholarship of Discovery
  • Scholarship of Integration
  • Scholarship of Application (Engagement)
  • Scholarship of Teaching

Discovery = "traditional" research.

Integration = research on the boundaries of various converging fields, placing research in its appropriate interdisciplinary context, and interpreting research into "the larger intellectual patterns."

Application = "service", and relates acquired knowledge to the larger community.

Teaching = teaching.

Scholarly activity needs to be:

  • Public
  • Susceptible to critical review and evaluation
  • Accessible for exchange and use by other members of one’s community

The scholarship of teaching

  • Includes active enquiry by teachers into their own practice…
  • ...that is documented i.e. subject to public review, e.g. in a teaching portfolio

A teaching portfolio is a collection of documents and artifacts, which document the author’s (best) practice in teaching and shows their mastery of the scholarship of teaching.

Further reading:

Herteis, E (2002) The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Teaching and Learning Bridges Vol 1 No 2 University of Saskatchewan available at http://www.usask.ca

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