Using Biggs' Model of Constructive Alignment in Curriculum Design/Appendix 1

Figure 5: Examples of Alignment from Different Modules

Learning Outcomes:
On completion of this module students should be able:
Assessment Methods Teaching/Learning Activities
To identify the main signs and symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Multiple Choice Questions Lecture on various signs/symptoms,

In class exercises/quizzes on terminology.

To formulate end products using selected ingredients Poster Display 15%

Presentation of end product 85%

Lecture presenting case studies of the design history of some market leaders.

Students plan own project and present as poster.

Student projects on food formulation.

To develop and identify an area for research in the discipline 1,000 word research proposal Presentation of examples of research questions,

Student discussion groups on research areas.

To demonstrate effective presentational skills In-class graded presentation Practices sessions in the class,

Peer-assessment, using set criteria, of others in class.

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