Section 9.3 SFM Reports

Section 9.3 SFM Reports

Section 9.3 SFM Reports

Results are made available to lecturers online after student grades have been published. This was designed to reassure students that the feedback they provided was entirely independent of the grades they received, and so should promote greater honesty in responses and comments.

The downside of this is that in Semester 1, lecturers do not receive this feedback until just before Semester 2 begins, which is too late to reflect on feedback and design and implement relevant changes. In response, however, it should be noted that SFM data should not be used instead of formative feedback, but instead should be used in conjunction with it and with other sources of information.

The electronic report that each academic participating module coordinator receives has 3 parts:

- Part 1 provides information on the student response rate, and summary of the quantitative information from the core questions

- Part 2 provides a quantitative summary of the additional questions added by the module coordinator

- Part 3 provides any qualitative comments provided by students

Activity 9.3

How did you use the feedback from your last SFM report?

Looking back on this now, is there some aspect of your teaching that you feel could be reconsidered?

Given the importance of implementation, discussion with peers, and closing the feedback loop, what system is in place within your school to ensure results are discussed and used to inform Teaching and Learning development?

If there is no system, what do you think such a system should look like?

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