Section Section 2

Section Section 2

Section Section 2

The questions in Section 2 are optional. This section was designed to permit lecturers to ask module-specific questions if desired and to avail from the online system to gather some more developmental feedback. Lecturers are free to add up to six questions, either of their own design or from the provided item bank.

The item bank is based on standardised questions from established international SET tools, particularly the Module Experience Questionnaire. These items can be used to mirror and augment the core items to improve validity by extending beyond the single-item indicator approach.

The questions that academics can draw on are as follows:

Outcomes and Expectations

1. The outcomes of the module were clearly stated

2. I always knew the standard of work that was expected of me in this module

3. The aims and learning outcomes of this course were made clear to me

4. I usually had a clear idea of where I was going and what was expected of me in this module

Teaching & Learning

5. This module motivated me to learn on my own

6. In this module I could develop my learning by contributing to discussions or group tasks

7. The in-class activities in this module helped me to learn

8. Ideas were clearly communicated in class

9. The teaching staff were dynamic and energetic in delivering the module

10. Tutorials developed my understanding of the subject

11. The teaching staff made students feel welcome in seeking help/advice in or outside of class

12. This module was intellectually stimulating

13. Teaching staff made an effort to help me understand the content of the module

14. Laboratories developed my understanding of the subject


15. The criteria used in marking were made clear in advance

16. Marking in this module was fair

17. Feedback on my work was prompt

18. Assessments allowed me to show that I had thought about the course material for myself

19. Feedback on my work has helped me clarify things I did not understand

20. I know how the assessments related to the module’s learning outcomes

21. To do well on the assessment for this module all you needed was a good memory


22. I was generally given enough time to understand the things I had to learn

23. The workload on this module was manageable

24. The sheer volume of work to be undertaken in this module meant it couldn’t all be thoroughly comprehended

25. I was able to undertake the work for this module within the specified time period (100-120 hours) for successful completion

26. How many hours per week (on average) did you spend on studying on this module?


27. I have been able to access general IT resources when I needed to

28. I have been able to access specialised equipment when I needed to

29. Learning materials made available for this module have enhanced my learning

30. Module materials were clear and well prepared

31. Materials provided for this module were relevant and up-to-date


32. Approximately, what percentage of this module’s classes (including all contact hours) did you actually attend?


What are the strengths and weakness of these items?



How could they be made more effective (from a formative perspective?)

Submit your answers

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