Section Section 1

Section Section 1

Section Section 1

Section one fulfilled the summative component. The core questionnaires are mandatory and are automatically generated to ensure that, even if an academic did not set up their own module-specific survey, each student enrolled in the module would receive a questionnaire containing these questions.

The first five core questions are quantitative and rated on a Likert scale ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. The mean scores for each are available to School Heads and (in an aggregated, anonymous form) relevant parties within the College.

These questions are:

1. I have a better understanding of the subject after completing this module

2. The assessments to date were relevant to the work of the module

3. I achieved the learning outcomes for this module

4. The teaching on this module supported my learning

5. Overall I am satisfied with this module

The final 2 core questions ask student to identify and list aspects of the module which most and least enhanced their learning. These questions were included so that even if an academic did not select any further module-specific questions, they received some qualitative feedback on their module. The responses from these items, although core, are not made available to anyone other than the lecturer. The questions are worded as follows:

6. Identify up to three aspects of the module that most helped your learning

7. Suggest up to three changes to the module that would enhance your learning


What are the strengths and weakness of these core items?

- Strengths:

- Weaknesses

How could they be made more effective (from a summative perspective?)

Submit your answers

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