Section 9.2.1 Content

Section 9.2.1 Content

Section 9.2.1 Content

The terms of reference for the evaluation tool was to produce a semi-standardised survey that was informed by relevant literature and existing, validated, SET scales. Given that students would be required to complete one survey per module each semester, it was essential that the instrument be kept as brief as possible to encourage participation and prevent survey fatigue.

To avoid excessive resource and administrative implications it was also proposed that the system should be delivered online.

The standardised scales considered in the preparation of potential items are illustrated below.

9.2 (a) development of the tool.jpg
9.2 (b) development of the tool.jpg
9.2 (c) development of the tool.jpg
9.2 (d) development of the tool.jpg
9.2 (e) development of the tool.jpg

Programme-level as well as module-level scales were considered to explore the full range of topics identified by researchers as contributing to the multi-dimensional concept of effective teaching and learning.

All of the items in the above scales were combined, sorted, and grouped into 12 categories by a committee composed of academic developers, School Heads of Teaching and Learning, and lecturers with an interest in, and awareness of, SET. These were reduced to six categories of five questions each which formed the basis of the Questionnaire item Bank (see Section

Activity 9.2.1

Which of the items from the item bank have you used in previous SFM surveys?

What influenced your decision to include these/exclude others?

Which standardised item can the selected items be traced back to?

Submit your answers

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