Section 7.4 Post-Graduation

Section 7.4 Post-Graduation

Section 7.4 Post-Graduation

It has been suggested that newly qualified students are not yet in a position to be able to accurately evaluate their learning experiences and that instead, feedback should be sought sometime after graduation (Richardson, 2005).

Post graduate SETs are predominantly conducted to evaluate at the programme-level (see Section 2.3.3 and Section 4.13) and are designed to allow students the opportunity to apply the skills learned during their training and to reflect on the adequacy of the training for their chosen vocation.

Activity 7.4

The use of multiple methods in a multi-dimensional approach has been suggested in a bid to circumvent the limitations of SET (Saroyan & Amundsen, 2001).

Ellery (2006) suggests a conceptual framework for how this may look. The table below provides an overview of the structure. Before reading the article provide several suggestions for the methods and nature of feedback at each level.'

Timing Method Type of Feedback
End of Module


Ellery, K. (2006). Multi-dimensional evaluation for module improvement: A mathematics-based case study. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 31, 135–149

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