Section 6.1 Changing Role of Teaching

Section 6.1 Changing Role of Teaching

Section 6.1 Changing Role of Teaching

Arthur (2009) provides a very insightful discussion on the current change in the landscape of Higher Education. Establishing that academics are professionals (Eraut, 1994; Earley, 2004). Arthur suggests that the proliferation of management ideologies has had a detrimental impact on professionalism by promoting the ‘consumerist’ needs of students, funding agencies, and governments (Douglas and Douglas, 2006) and undermining lecturers’ own ability/tendency for professional development.

There are clear parallels between the traditional ‘professionalism’ and the managerialist ‘performativity’ with the changing emphasis on formative and summative evaluation respectively (see Section 3 for information on the Summative/Formative distinction). Some difference between these two perspectives are listed below (figure based on information from Arthur, 2009).

6.1 changing role of teaching (a).png

6.1 changing role of teaching (b).png

Activity 6.1

What does it mean for the type and content of evaluation conducted in your School/modules?

What does this mean for you in terms of development?

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Arthur, L. (2009). From performativity to professionalism: Lecturers' responses to student feedback. Teaching in Higher Education, 14(4), 441-454.

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