Section 4.8 Methods

Section 4.8 Methods

Section 4.8 Methods

As discussed by Huxham et al. (2008) H-forms can be used as an individual or group method of collecting both qualitative and quantitative data about selected aspects of your teaching or module.

When completed as part of a group it gives students the opportunity to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the module in a way not facilitated by many other SET methods.

The diagram below shows how the H-form works. Each student/group draws an ‘H’ on a sheet of paper. The left side is for positive comments, the right side is for negative comments, and the middle is things to be improved. The bar of the H is also a quantitative scale (ranging from 0 to 10) for the question posed.

Huxham et al (2008) report that students are generally positive about this as a means of SET data collection, expending more time and thought spent completing them than they would traditional SET surveys and that more issues were raised by this technique than by standard questionnaires alone.

4.8 H Form.png

Activity 4.8

Based on a module you are currently involved in, list five possible questions that could be effectively answered by students using an H-form

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Huxman, M., Laybourn, P., Cairncross, S., Gray, M., Brown, N., Goldfinch, J., & Earl, S. (2008). Collecting student feedback: A comparison of questionnaire and other methods. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 1-2, iFirst Article.

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