Section 4.3 Focus of Evaluations

Section 4.3 Focus of Evaluations

Section 4.3 Focus of Evaluations

Activity 4.3(a)

Before considering the possible foci of SET take a moment to reflect on recent SET you have conducted.

What was the focus of this evaluation?

What did you seek to gather information on?

What did this information improve?

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As established in Section 2 feedback can be obtained on any aspect of the teaching and learning experience. Understandably then, the focus of any given evaluation should reflect, and be appropriate to, the desired goals of the evaluation (Richardson, 2005).

Depending on these goals, the evaluation will focus on aspects deemed essential for quality education. Edström (2008) proposes a dual-pronged option, focusing on either teaching (incorporating the teacher as well as the teaching process) or learning (incorporating the learning process and learning outcome). Other researchers (Algozzine et al., 2004; Blackmore, 2009; Kember et al., 2002; Moore & Kuol, 2005) have also suggested a need to focus on student satisfaction.

The key points associated with these positions are illustrated below.

4.3.1 (a) SET focus figure.jpg

4.3.1 (b) SET focus figure.jpg

4.3.1 (c) SET focus figure.jpg

Activity 4.3(b)

Based on these factors, what do you feel is the appropriate focus for your future SETs that would facilitate greatest opportunity for development?

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Edström, K. (2008). Doing course evaluation as if learning matters most. Higher Education Research & Development, 27(2), 95–106.

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