Section 4.13 Standardised Surveys

Section 4.13 Standardised Surveys

Section 4.13 Standardised Surveys

As discussed in Section 3.2.3 recent trends in higher education have indicated a greater emphasis on providing quantitative measures of accountability at an institutional level (Davies, Hirschberg, Lye, Johnston, 2010). To do so accurately requires a standardised tool with well-established reliability and validity.

Several examples include:

  • Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ)

  • Module Experience Questionnaire (MEQ)

  • Students Evaluation of Educational Quality (SEEQ)

  • National Student Survey (NSS)

  • Approaches to Teaching Inventory (ATI)

  • Learning Objectives Questionnaire (LOQ)

  • Laboratory Teaching Methods Inventory (LTMI)

  • Post-graduate Research Experiences Questionnaire (PREQ)

  • Experience of Teaching and Learning Questionnaire (ETLQ)

Two standardised tools are introduced in the following sections:

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