Section 3.1.2 Defining Summative SET

Section 3.1.2 Defining Summative SET

Section 3.1.2 Defining Summative SET

As with formative SET definitions summative definitions, although varied, tend to involve:

…evaluating modules in colleges & universities (Saroyan & Amundsen, 2001)

…a relatively swift, simple and convenient process that has been accepted as a matter of routine in most North American institutions (Richardson, 2005)

…a ritualistic process (Abrami, d'Apollonia, & Rosenfield, 1996)

…providing information for administrative decisions, such as pay rise or promotion (Centra, 1994)

…data that can be used by students in the selection of courses (Marsh & Roche, 1993)

…the success of a curriculum in achieving learner objectives for all targeted learners, its success in achieving its process objectives, and/or its success in engaging, motivating, and pleasing its learners and faculty (Chen & Howshower, 2003)

…input in annual evaluations, salary, promotion, and tenure decisions (Algozzine, Beattie, Bray, Flowers, Gretes, Howley, Mohanty, & Spooner, 2004)

…supportive evidence in external Teaching Quality Assessment, in promotion, and portfolios of evidence of teaching competence (Coffey, & Gibbs, 2001)

Activity 3.1.2

Which aspect(s) do you feel is central to summative SET?

Encapsulate this/these by either producing your own definition or identifying one from literature below

Submit your answers

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