Section Conducting Programme Evaluation

Section Conducting Programme Evaluation

Section Conducting Programme Evaluation

Programme level evaluation tends to occur post-graduation, permitting students an opportunity to reflect on their learning experiences and the preparation it provided for their profession.

The use of standardised questionnaires in this process (such as the Course Experience Questionnaire or the Student Evaluation of Educational Quality) is discussed in more detail in Section 4.

Saroyan and Amundsen (2001) suggest that Programme evaluation should include questions on student learning, rather than just lecturer performance and organisation, in addition to areas such as curriculum organisation, student support, learning resources, physical environment, learning resources, generic skills, and staff attitudes. Potential areas to evaluate at programme level include: conducting prog evaluation.jpg


Complete the table below, indicating the key features of evaluation at each level, how each impacts upon and may improve teaching and learning, the most appropriate data gathering methods, how data at each level should be used, and any potential difficulties of evaluating at each stage and how these might be overcome.

Module Level Stage level Programme Level
Key Features
How does it improve teaching/learning
Best methods for gathering data
Potential difficulties
Solutions to above difficulties
How should data be used

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