Section 2.3.2 Stage (End of Year)

Section 2.3.2 Stage (End of Year)

Section 2.3.2 Stage (End of Year)

More than a just module questionnaire administered at the end of the year, Stage evaluations provide an opportunity to identify and address stage-specific (e.g. transition and orientation issues in Stage 1) as well as the more traditional areas of work- or assessment- load, diversity of approach, module synergy, or connections between stages.

While qualitative methods for gathering Stage-level data are explored in Section 4, Geraldine O’Neil from UCD Teaching and Learning has suggested a comparative rating form for core modules in each semester. Space is also available for more constructive open-ended questions on the reverse of the form.

An extract from the questionnaire is provided below, and more information on this form can be found at

Instructions for completion For each module, please indicate its weighting in relation to other core modules. Therefore, for each question all answers can’t be higher (3) or lower (1) than average, some must be higher/lower than others, i.e. all can’t be 3. You may decide, however, that for some questions all answers are average (2). 3 = Higher than Average for Stage; 2 = Average for Stage; 1 = Below Average for Stage; N/A= Not applicable

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Activity 2.3.2

Find and share a resource (article, webpage or other) that provides useful information on Stage evaluation.

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