Section 2.3.1 Module

Section 2.3.1 Module

Section 2.3.1 Module

Module level evaluations tend to have a much narrower focus, concentrating on the individual lecturer, module content, delivery and resources etc. (see Section 4).

Reece & Walker (2002) suggest that the aims of module evaluation should include:

- Finding appropriateness/achievement of module aims & objectives

- Considering structure, progression, balance & coherence

- Identifying relevance & currency of the syllabus

- Understanding the quality & effectiveness of teaching approach used

- Improving & developing skills in assessment methods & techniques in relation to the objectives & their effectiveness in revealing student achievement

Specific aspects to evaluate at the module level are explored in more detail in Section 4 in the ‘Focus of SET’ and ‘Aspects SET should Cover’ sections.

Activity 2.3.1

Before considering focus and content in more detail, reflect on module evaluations conducted to date. What was your focus? What exactly did you want to find out about your modules and for what reasons?

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