Module Design & Enhancement Overview

Module Design & Enhancement Overview

The Teaching Toolkit Section [1] of the UCD T&L Resources pages provides additional information on the following areas:

Module Design and Enhancement Overview [2]

Best Practice in Writing Learning Outcomes - 6 Golden Rules [3]

  • 1. Ensure a proper mix of precise and imprecise outcomes.
  • 2. Avoid over-prescription when writing outcomes at the modular or programme level.
  • 3. Use the minimum possible number of outcomes.
  • 4. Ensure all outcomes match what is taught, how it is taught, what work is set for students and how this work is marked.
  • 5. Involve students in the drafting and refining of learning outcomes.
  • 6. Regard outcomes as general performance indicators that guide the judgement of academic assessors rather than definitive threshold statements.

Aligning your Learning Outcomes, Teaching and Assessment [4]

Constructive alignment is the most fundamental principle of design in an outcomes-based curriculum. It is concerned with ensuring:

  • Coherence between learning outcomes, assessment and teaching, and…
  • that this coherence (alignment) encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning and become what Ron

Assessment of your Module [5]

How to gather feedback on your module from your students [6]

Enhancing your Module [7] Attempts at module enhancement should be focused on understanding:

  • How well a module has been delivered in terms of its intended educational outcomes, and…
  • the quality of student learning which has taken place.

Guide to Module Enhancement in UCD [8] Module enhancement allows for the regular and incremental updating of the educational design of modules for future offerings to ensure that they continue to provide an appropriate academic challenge for students.

Module Enhancement & the Academic Cycle [9] Module enhancement is a short subject-based peer review of module design and delivery. It is a synoptic yet holistic process which allows schools to self-evaluate the quality and standards of modules offered.

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