Module Descriptor

Module Descriptor

Module Description:

The aim of this module is to enable those in an academic role to reflect, review and analyse their teaching, learning and assessment strategies within the classroom and beyond. Participants will deconstruct their current practice, appraise appropriate methodologies and explore theoretical concepts with a view to developing future educational interventions. At its core this module provides training in teaching, assessing, session planning and teacher evaluation skills, it enables the participant to design and create their teaching practice using an educationally holistic approach.

Learning Outcomes: Having successfully completed this module you will have demonstrated the ability to:

1. Critically review and, consequentially, improve the teaching methods, learning materials and assessment regimes of a module or other coherent set of learning activities, which maintain what Biggs (2003) called ‘constructive alignment’ between intended learning outcomes, teaching methods and assessment

2. Produce and use a range of appropriate teaching materials and methods that prompt critical thinking, encouraging students to become what Barnett (1997) called ‘critical persons’

3. Develop and produce teaching plans that would enable teacher substitution, offer choice in the mode of learning and promote active engagement on the part of learners.

4. Create a fledgeling teaching portfolio, developing your teaching philosophy and gathering relevant materials to demonstrate and support teaching and learning approaches.

  • Please note the materials in this section may take in the region of c.5hrs to work through.
  • Be sure to sign in and avail of saving and editing your exercises.
  • And always remember to avail of the (further) ‘References’ listed under the “Literature and Resources” Section

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