How to Make Your Classes Better/Introduction

There are many different types of classes but the three that we are concentrating on in this section are:


Lectures are formal presentations to groups. At least this is how they have traditionally been defined. In the light of research into human cognition (c.f. Chapter 2 of Biggs, J 2003 Teaching for Quality Learning at University London, Open University Press) and established learning theory [1][2] however, lectures are now seen as an opportunity for “lecturers” to lead students in the exploration of, and engagement with, material about which they need to learn.


Tutorials are meetings between a “tutor” (subject expert) and one or more learners where a particular topic is discussed and explored.


Seminars can best be defined as tutorials or lectures where an expert or advanced student makes an initial presentation after which attendees are expected to join in a discussion.

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