Introducing the Open Educational Resources

If you wish to use the UCDOER and the materials herein, you may do one of two things:

1. You are free to explore and work through the different sessions ‘without’ creating an individual user account. This means that you will not be able to avail fully of some of the exercises as the data you input will not be saved.

2. Create an account, once you have done this you will receive a confirmation to enable you to login. Having done so, whenever you wish to use one of the exercises e.g. creating a lesson plan, or reviewing assessments the data you input will be saved to your own account. In this way you will be able to retrieve, review and edit the data on an ongoing basis.

For a details on the 'Terms of Use' see here [1]

Creating an Account within the UCDOER

Please note the generation of new accounts is currently suspended One may still avail of the exercises, though details will not be saved on the wiki itself.

  • 1. In the Menu's channel locate 'Your Account' and choose 'Log In'
  • 2. A window appears inviting you to Log in or Create a User Account
  • 3. Select 'Request One'
  • 4. Read the Terms of Service
  • 5. Enter an appropriate 'Username'
  • 6. Enter a return 'e-mail address'
  • 7. Please enter your 'Real Name'
  • 8. You are encouraged to enter some form of 'Personal Biography'
  • 9. Check the box indicating you have read the 'Terms of Service'
  • 10. Select the 'Request account'. You will receive confirmation and access presently.

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UCDOER Handbook An overview document the UCDOER Induction Handbook may be downloaded here: [2]

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