Exploring Your Own Conceptions of Teaching and Learning/Writing your own teaching philosophy statement

Exploring Your Own Conceptions of Teaching and Learning

Writing your own teaching philosophy statement

According to the McGraw Centre for Teaching and Learning at Princeton University:

"Developing a teaching philosophy statement allows you to reflect on and articulate your beliefs and practices as a teacher. The most meaningful statements of teaching philosophy identify sophisticated goals for teaching and describe varied methods for meeting them. They consider the relationship between teaching content and teaching skills and demonstrate an understanding of student learning. At their best, they are intellectually revealing; rather than simply describe your teaching experience, they demonstrate how you think about your teaching.


Exercise 1.

Consider the following incomplete statements and attempt to complete them.
  • My main goal as a teacher of
    is to
  • The relationship I try to achieve with my students is
  • The most important thing that I expect
    of my students is
  • I know a teaching session has been successful when
  • The values that I seek to impart to my students are
  • Effective teaching is

Having completed the above, begin to combine the statements to form an initial philosophy statement.
[Cut and paste the relevant statements into the box below and expand and or provide linking text to each]:

Exercise 2

Now take the best one or two of your completed statements and post to the group via the 'Discussion' page tool.

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