The E-Learning Section [1] of the UCD T&L Resources pages provides additional information on the following areas:

An Introduction to e-learning [2] This section provides a brief introduction to e-learning tackling some fundamental questions what is e-learning, what does it do, what do I need, how does it impact teaching and things to watch out for in its implementation.

Using Blackboard [3] This section provides further detail about the use of particular tools within the UCD institutional VLE BLackboard.

  • Discussion Boards
  • Quizes
  • The Virtual Classroom
  • Safe Assign

Web 2.0 Tools for education [4] This section focuses on some Web2.0 tools, providing a brief overview and introducing how they may be applied in teaching

  • Using Blogs [5]
  • Using Wikis [6]
  • Using Podcasts [7]
  • Using Facebook [8]
  • Using Clickers [9]
  • Using Flip Cameras [10]

Design, Implementation And Evaluation[11] The final section offers some general guidance in the planning, design, implementation and Evaluation of e-learning interventions.

Printable Resources Finally an additional section offers a series of Print resources covering:

  • Copyright and E-learning
  • Online Communications
  • Using Technology Effectively
  • Technology Applications Related to Course Support
  • Repository Initiatives
  • Engaging in Online Activities
  • Social Bookmarking
  • The Evaluation of E-learning Interventions
  • Authoring Guidelines for On Screen Content
  • Developing Reusable Learning Resources

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