Assessing for Teaching and Learning Module Overview

Each module is primarily self-directed online and via professional practice, however each module has a mandatory minimum of three core face to face sessions.

These sessions will provide a pivotal role in supporting the learners; to engage with the UCDOER as a supportive framework for academic development and by association The Graduate Diploma in University Teaching and Learning, to determine, design and implement a personal negotiated assessment, and to review and evaluate the resulting portfolio of work.

Each themed section or available module content within UCDOER offers a series of exercises and activities embedded amidst core theory and practice. It is the intention that these provide the impetus for academic engagement and development. The nature of these activities predicates that the individual will apply these in a cyclical or re-iterative manner within their practice, developing over time a reflective, evaluative and transformative approach to teaching and learning. In this manner a portfolio of work is created that may form, in part, the basis upon which their negotiated assessment is formulated.

Assessing and Teaching for Learning Assessment Requirements:

To acquire credits (as part of the The Graduate Diploma in University Teaching and Learning) one must follow these guidelines for assessment. This module is assessed by a negotiated project which will normally include

(a) a critical review of some of the teaching and assessment methods suggested in the literature and

(b) a critical evaluation-in-use of the use of “new” (to the individual teachers concerned) active-learning and assessment methods.

Content: Using a collaborative mutual support group to review and improve lessons,modules and assessment strategies (including how feedback can be given to students in a way that likely to enhance their future learning).

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