Assessing for Teaching and Learning Module Descriptor

Module Description: this module encourages teachers to focus on what the learners do in the classroom as much as what they, the teachers, do. , then the learning will be all the more effective. Participants will explore methods and approaches that have been shown to encourage higher order thinking skills and a deep approach to learning (Nichols 2002; Chalmer & Fuller 1996; Lander et al 1995). Within a scaffolded environment (Dall’Alba 2005; Van Der Stuyf 2002), participants will act as critical friends’ helping each other to explore ways of applying these methods in their classes (Curry 2008; Bambino 2002; Appleby 1998). There will be a particular focus on the central role of assessment in influencing how students approach their studies (Schouller 2000; Atkins et al 1993) and on how assessment can be structured to encourage and enable students to become critical persons (Roberts 2006; Boud 1995;Knight 1995).

Learning Outcomes: Having successfully completed this module you will have demonstrated the ability to:

1. Critically review and, consequentially, improve the teaching methods, learning materials and assessment regimes of a module or other coherent set of learning activities.

2. Relate the choices made in the selection and application of the above to the established literature on teaching and learning in Higher Education.

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