Assessing and Teaching for Learning Module Descriptor

Module Description

This module focuses on the central role of assessment in influencing how students approach their studies and on how assessment can be structured to encourage and enable students to become critical persons. Participants will critically engage with literature relating to teaching and learning and their own subject-specific discipline to implement improvements to their current teaching and assessment practices. They will also experience assessment approaches ('of', 'for' and 'as' learning) in the on-line and within the class-room contexts.

Learning Outcomes

Having successfully completed this module, you will have demonstrated the ability to:

1. Critically review and, consequentially, improve assessment regimes of a module or other coherent set of learning activities

2. Relate the choices made in the selection and application of the above to the established literature on teaching and learning in Higher Education.

3. Critically engage with the literature relating to teaching and learning in higher education

4. Experience a variety of assessments (‘of’, ‘for’, and ‘as’ learning), to assist you in deciding on assessment approaches in your own context.

  • Please note the materials in this section will take in the region of c.5hrs to work through.
  • Be sure to sign in and avail of saving and editing your exercises.
  • And always remember to avail of the (further) ‘References’ listed under the “Literature and Resources” Section

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