Using UCDOER for accreditation

UCDOER has been established by UCD Teaching and Learning to host a number of open educational resources.

Those with a teaching function within Higher Education may wish to engage with this content as module/s within UCD’s Professional Certificate/Diploma in University Teaching and Learning, further information may be access here

Alternatively you may simply engage, explore and review the content and prompted exercises herein. For those seeking additional resources you may wish to review the companion workbooks and additional OER materials here

Or visit the companion Facebook page here here

The UCDOER Design

The design of UCDOER enables the learner to access and engage with content as determined by their needs, whether for professional development, evaluating practice or as part of a negotiated assessment.

Each module or section is primarily self-directed online and via professional practice, however each module has a mandatory minimum of three core face to face sessions.

These sessions will provide a pivotal role in supporting the learners; to engage with the UCDOER as a supportive framework for academic development to determine, design and implement a personal negotiated assessment, and to review and evaluate the resulting portfolio of work.

Each themed section or available module content within UCDOER offers a series of exercises and activities embedded amidst core theory and practice. It is the intention that these provide the impetus for academic engagement and development. The nature of these activities predicates that the individual will apply these in a cyclical or re-iterative manner within their practice, developing over time a reflective, evaluative and transformative approach to teaching and learning. In this manner a portfolio of work is created that may form, in part, the basis upon which their negotiated assessment is formulated.

The structure of the UCDOER enables individual registered users to capture their input through the many exercises, activities and collaborative discussions. These are held within their own personal collection, providing a complete history of all their actions (contributions, amendments, edits, discussions, references etc) via a series of individualised wiki pages. In this way the UCDOER acts as a personal e-portfolio of one's academic and reflective practice.

Citing the body of works within the UCDOER

The UCDOER has had three major authors, we would appreciate you cite any pages within to include the following: Authors, Page title, Website, Year Published, URL.

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