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UCDOER Terms of Use

The UCDOER site is aimed at those within Higher and Further Education, wether academic or a supporting role.

The site may be accessed and used in two ways;

  • 1. As an open educational resource, with all materials supporting an 'Attribution Only' Creative Commons License [1]
  • 2. As an open educational resource, with all materials supporting an 'Attribution Only;' Creative Commons License, and in conjunction with the accredited programmes run by UCD Teaching and Learning.

This latter mode invites participants to set up an account [2] within the site whereby they may engage with the online activities and interaction of peers.

Please note: We are happy to oblige those within the education sector (not undertaking a programme) access to these accounts on proof of valid practice and/or employment within the sector.

UCDOER Rights and Responsibilities

The site is maintained by UCD Teaching and Learning for the provision of its OER materials, to support educational development within higher and further education. The site is hosted by HEANet [3] and abides by its terms and policies, as dictated by the law of the land.

The 'contributions' of account holders are the responsibility of the individual, please respect privacy, copyright and act in accordance with web safety, be advised to comply with all applicable laws when using the site.

We reserve the right to remove an account if it poses a risk to the site or possible legal exposure.

We hope to continue maintaining and developing the UCDOER, however if certain circumstances dictate, we may need to terminate part or all of the site, this will be done with due notification to account holders, and users.

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